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    “Robert Ing has a substantial depth of knowledge about privacy and security technologies, and is able not only to share that knowledge, but also comment on the present and future significance of these technologies.”
    - Laura Boast, Discovery Channel

    GuardCards. Robert Ing. 2021. ISBN 978-1895-37730-9

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    "I quite enjoyed your book and am thoroughly impressed not only with your expertise,
    but additionally with your ability to communicate that to others through your writing.
    'Bravo' to you for truly outstanding work."

    - Peter H. Gilmore

    Selected Articles

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    The Art of Forensic Detection and Sherlock Holmes
    The fictional Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes was ahead of his time when it came to forensics during the years of 1880 to 1914 when he practised the Art of Forensic Detection. This article discusses some of the forensic methods used by Holmes and compares them to their non-fictional counterparts in the 19th century and present day.

    You Can Stop Computer Viruses
    There are well over 8,000 active computer viruses in the world in any given twenty-four period and 5 new viruses are introduced daily. The majority of computers will catch a virus through an e-mail attachment or link. Catching a virus by file sharing is the second most popular way to get infected. However, by following these simple steps you can stop most computer viruses before any damage is done.

    Identity Theft: The New Technology Crime
    Identity Theft in the Western World has increased dramatically since the beginning of the millennium and has replaced credit card fraud as the new number one technology crime. Identity Theft is when someone steals (uses) someone else's identity for the purpose of personal or financial gain, or in order to support the commission of a criminal act. How easy would it be for someone to steal your identity? Download this article and find out.

    Privacy Invasion and Fraud Alert
    Each day ordinary people are having their privacy invaded, their personal information stolen and even offered to these criminals unknowingly by well meaning family, friends and co-workers. Learn about how you can protect yourself and your family. Share this information with everyone you know.

    Could You Pass A Security Guard Licensing Exam?
    Throughout Canada and the United States; Provinces and States are requiring those who wish to work as a Security Guard to take a course and pass a licensing examination before being permitted to work as a Security Guard. Take this brief quiz to see if you might have the basic knowledge to pass a security guard exam.

    How to Apply for Employment as a Contract Security Guard in Ontario
    This article details strategies on applying for employment as a security guard in Ontario, Canada. You will also find some interesting insights, facts and statistics on the contract security guard industry.

    Performing, Speaking, Appearing for Free!
    Should you perform, speak or appear at an event for free or is this a career killer vs. an enabler? There are lots of opportunities to be the "Star" if no one is paying you, but will this come back and haunt you in the end? This article addresses the pros and cons, and why you should seriously consider how you approach such offers.

    Caring for Your Wind-Up Mechanical Watch
    Here's a very basic article on the care and maintenance of a mechanical pocket watch or wristwatch. While the majority of new watches for sale are quartz, there are still several new mechanical models available ranging in price from $5.00 to well over $2500.00. As well, there are some individuals who prefer to purchase older antique or vintage mechanical watches, or may have inherited a family mechanical watch that they intend to use and care for.

    Leklai Amulets
    Leklai, known as "moving metal" is considered by many who follow Eastern Mystical Traditions, to be a very sacred material. Leklai is primarily found in Thailand and is alleged to possess certain supernatural powers capable of protecting those who wear or possess it from life and health threatening dangers and perils of both the arcane and mundane realms.

    Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks with Little Effort
    This article is about how I lost weight by simply making a few small changes in my every day choices. It worked for me and can work for you.

    Make Your Own Vintage Runes for Under $10
    The casting of runes for divination dates back to 1300 BCE. The earliest set of runes were made from wooden oak strips that measured approximately 3.5" x 1" x 0.125". The rune symbols were carved on the strips and coloured in, using a red tincture made from berries and natural oils. In early Icelandic these were referred to as "blotspan" (sacred sacrificial wooden strip), from Odinic legend.

    The Five Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself
    If you don't know where you are going then any place will be fine. I am not an advocate of self-help books because my understanding is that most authors of these books are self-help"-ing" themselves to the wallets of those of weak mind who at their most vulnerable moment lack common sense and focus, in search of a quick solution.

    The Sign of the Horns
    The sign of the horns is a hand gesture that has been met with much controversy, sensationalism and urban legend. This single gesture, often erroneously attributed solely to Satanism or the occult has been used as circumstantial evidence to maintain conspiracy theories linking politicians, celebrities and other public figures in an “us” and “them” polarization.

    Common Satanic Symbols and Their Meaning
    In this essay I will discuss common Satanic symbols as it would appear there is a great deal of misinformation concerning these. This essay is one of a series I had written on Satanic subject matter out of the frustration of the proliferation of investigative articles and materials based on historical fiction, hearsay and urban legend . My motivation for writing on what some consider to be a rather ‘hot’ and controversial subject is to educate and inform on the basis of truth and not sensationalism.

    Words from Beyond the Fringe
    Dr. Robert Ing is a Canadian forensic scientist, broadcaster, author, magician, mentalist and occultist. As a forensic scientist, he has gained the unofficial reputation of being a “modern-day Sherlock Holmes,” and as an author and broadcaster his writing and sound bites have been quoted by others in international widespread media. This is a small sampling of quotes from his published works, broadcasts and lectures representing thought provoking insight from the profound to the obvious. ISBN: 978-1-895377-25-5.

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