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ETA® International is a professional trade association representing electronics-related industries with accredited vendor-neutral certifications. ETA offers over 80 technical certifications in a variety of industries such as: Basic Electronics, Communications, Fiber Optics, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Workforce Readiness, Biomedical, Customer Service and Smart Home. Developed by industry experts, ETA certifications confirm technical knowledge necessary to be successful in today's high tech world. Hands-on verification is also available for various certifications. ETA certifications prepare candidates to earn lucrative incomes in many exciting careers. ETA-certified professionals work for many well-known companies such as Motorola, Google, ADT Security, Microsoft, Verizon Communications, Boeing, Bell Canada, Government of Canada, and more.

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Electronics Technicians Association
If you are a resident of a community in Canada's North, you may receive a Record of Training from the ESLAN Polytechnic Portal at no cost. Just submit a copy of your final graded course examination and proof of residency in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut. You may request a Record of Training for your completed course by either completing the CONTACT US form in the lower right of this website or e-mailing us at