Introducing The Paranormalist

"My work causes people to consider things they once thought impossible or beyond their reach.
To realize a world where anything may be personally possible."
- Dr. Robert Ing

I am Dr. Robert Ing, The Paranormalist. I conduct demonstrations and experiments in mind reading, psychometry, telekinesis and mind control in the spirit of the 19th century.

Imagine temporarily suspending what you believe to be reality in order to create a very personal, positive and memorable experience. Personally witness 19th century inspired mind reading, mentalist and paranormal demonstrations with you and your guests in Toronto and Ottawa. Providing you the opportunity to read a fellow participant's mind, have your thoughts sent to another, or cause an object to move just by visualization and your thoughts.

A rare and limited opportunity to go back in time and witness firsthand, 19th century demonstrations of the power of the mind and paranormal. This is something you and your guests will be talking about for days and shall remember for years. Relive and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience live and in person what those witnessed over 100 years ago.

A sixty-minute mind reading, paranormal and mentalist program of the Magic of the Mind is available for your private and corporate engagement in Toronto and Ottawa.

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