How It Works!

Step 1: Contact Us.

Step 2: Schedule a date for your show.

Step 3: Use your existing facility to host a show for a minimum of 100 ticket holders.

Step 4: Promote the show through your existing network and mailing list.

Step 5: Sell Tickets and realize a profit of $8.00 per ticket sold (from $800 up to $7,200)!

Step 6: Enjoy the Show.

The Details

- The show costs you nothing financially upfront with only a portion of actual ticket sales due and payable on the day of the show.

- All you have to do is to promote the show and generate ticket sales from your existing network and mailing list.

- We will assist you with artwork for posters and press releases promoting the show, and will supplement your promotion efforts through our own social media pages and accounts.

- Our services are available in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area and Greater Ottawa Region.