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Life Street Education Corporation is a Canadian developer, publisher and distributor of multimedia experiential adult learning materials and programs. Life Street's mission is to create and make accessible, adult life skills materials and programs in an effort to reduce the working poor in Canada and empower Canada's greatest asset, her people.

Although designed and created for, and by Canadians, our programs are available to everyone and anyone in the world who may find them encouraging and useful.

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We create and support projects that not only provide access to information and learning through non-traditional media but also with the core mission of creating a common personal awareness and empowerment leading to options in daily life. These projects form the tools, available to every individual to use in the pursuit of their personal goals and ambitions towards a fuller, personally meaningful life.

The ESLAN Polytechnic Portal

The ESLAN Polytechnic Portal offers access to free courses and diploma programs for Canada’s northern communities & Indigenous Peoples. Through partnerships, alliances and affiliate arrangements, ESLAN is a gateway to some of the world’s leading institutions, colleges and universities. ESLAN provides access to courses and programs in fields such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computers, business and psychology, plus many more. The ESLAN Polytechnic Portal began in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada and currently serves 54 communities in Canada's North; The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

East York Museum

The East York Museum of Curiosities

The East York Museum of Curiosities has toured major North American cities annually from the months of May to October with static exhibits in convention centres, fairs, galleries and regional expositions. The exhibits provided the public a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally view a curiosities collection of 15th to 19th century real, rare and original fictional artifacts, never seen before in this century and perhaps may never to be seen again. The purpose of the exhibit was to create a curiosity and sense of wonder amongst attendees in order to generate an interest in doing further personal reading and general research into the history and myths of the past.

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Life Street Education Corporation creates, develops and publishes original adult learning content in digital and in print formats designed to connect and empower.

Life Skills Instructor Certification

The Life Street Education Life Skills Instructor Certification Program is designed to give people the knowledge and confidence to instruct adult learners in any specialty subject area. This course is suitable for individuals, supervisors, out reach and volunteer staff who have an interest in developing and conducting professional and personal development workshops and presentations.

This Online / Distance Learning course is suitable for those who have done informal presentations or workshops but are new to providing group lessons or instructing complete programs. This Life Skills Instructor program is designed to give people the knowledge and confidence to instruct adults and develop an instructional program in any subject area.

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Resume and Interview Skills

This Online / Distance Learning Resume and Interview Skills course introduces learners to insider and industry standard methods of creating a resume, provides practical guidance on suitable styles and layouts, identifies information that should be presented as well as an insight into the employer’s perspective and how to get past computerized resume screening systems.

Are you getting interviews but no offers? Are you missing out on a better paying job or promotion? So many candidates fail to prepare correctly. They arrive at their interview having done the minimum of preparation. They make mistakes, give ineffectual answers, go blank, mumble and as a result they simply miss out on the offer or even worse are offered a low end salary. This course not only provides a proven method to prepare for your interview but also provides actual real world interview questions that may be asked. We tell you why these specific questions are asked and how you can score with providing the answers that best highlight you as a capable candidate.

You will be fully prepared, you will have a good idea of the questions you will be asked and best of all you will be able to answer confidently and successfully. With this online course you will know the mistakes you are making and receive training on how to overcome them.

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