Here are the questions we get asked the most. If you can't find your question or the answer you need after reviewing our website, send us an e-mail by using the CONTACT US form at the bottom right of this page.

How does this work?

The ESLAN Polytechnic Portal provides free access to online courses taught by colleges and universities from all around the world; as well as online access to professional certification programs. All courses and certification programs are offered by accredited and industry recognised institutions. These courses are offered either free or at minimal cost. ESLAN offers you the opportunity to pursue learning and study options no matter where you are in Canada's North.

How do the courses work?

The courses consist of a series of short 5 to 25 minute pre-recorded video and audio lectures delivered online. You may play these lectures when it is convenient for you, however it is recommended you try to set aside a time at least once a week to do this. Please note that some courses may have a set weekly schedule for lectures, so it is best to carefully read the details of the course you are considering. There are also online discussion forums, homework assignments, reviews, online tests and final exams. For most courses, you learn at your own pace.

Are there any costs to take a course?

Access to the majority of the course materials is free, for example video lectures, discussion forums, worksheets, etc. However, some college and universities may charge a small fee for graded assignments, final exams, graduation certificates and diplomas. As well, some course providers may charge a subscription fee. All of these depend on the course and the provider you choose. We recommend you review the courses and providers you are interested in, to get a clear idea of the cost if any. Professional certification programs will require a small fee for testing, grading and issuing certification credentials.

Who can register for a course?

Anyone with an Internet connection may sign-up for a course. However, please be aware the information provided through our website is targeted to serve the needs of those living in Canada's North and Indigenous Peoples.

How do I enrol or register for a course?

Take a look at the course provider links or featured courses under the PROGRAMS menu and see what you are interested in. Then once you click on the link you will be taken directly to that course provider where you may register for the course of your choice. It's that easy.

How do I get access to the course?

Your course is accessed directly through the course provider's website.

Will I get a certificate for completing my course?

Most course providers offer a certificate or diploma upon completion of their program. However, you may be required to pay a small fee to obtain the certificate or diploma in order to cover the administrative cost of issuing and maintaining a record of completion. Alternatively, or in addition to, if you are a resident of a community in Canada's North or Indigenous Person, you may receive a Record of Training from the ESLAN Polytechnic Portal at no cost, by submitting a copy of your final graded course examination and status card or by submitting a copy of your final graded course examination and proof of residency in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut. You may request a Record of Training for your completed course by completing the CONTACT US form in the lower right of this website or e-mailing us at .

Will I receive or be able to transfer any academic course credit for completing a course?

Some courses may offer academic credit, others may not, while others offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) which may be used towards professional or vocational certification. You must contact the course provider you have selected in order to determine what, if any credit is available. However, employers may take into consideration or assign a point value for completed courses with regard to employment, promotion and pay increases regardless of the course having academic credit.

What professional certifications do you offer access to?

Through our partnership with the Electronics Technicians Association International , we provide access to their internationally recognized certification programs for technicians and service specialists working in the electronics service industry as technicians, support and customer service professionals. Professional certification increases the chances of obtaining employment, promotion and studies have proven those who have professional certifications earn more than those doing the same job who don't.

Is the ESLAN Polytechnic Portal a government funded project?

The ESLAN Polytechnic Portal is a private project initiative created and founded by Dr. Robert Ing . The project began in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada and currently serves 54 communities in Canada's North; The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Dr. Ing in recognizing the educational access and financial challenges faced by those living in Canada's north decided to investigate and create a solution to address these barriers. Realising the untapped potential of those living in Canada's north, his primary goal was to feed and nurture minds of young and old by offering an opportunity and access to knowledge. In so doing, options for education in Canada's northern communities would be enhanced but also an opportunity provided for many of the world to gain exposure and insight into a greater understanding of Canada's northern communities through the personal endeavours of her people. Thus, the ESLAN Polytechnic Portal was created.